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What reviewers are saying about Stefan's Promise

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

“A long but well written story of friendships and growth in the 20th century … Rennick is a thoughtful writer and makes insightful observations about men’s relationships with one another as well as exploring broader questions of commitment and obligation in employment and marriage … The story’s principal players are for the most part thoroughly developed and exist to make substantive contributions to the plot and themes ... Get It“ Kirkus Reviews

An engaging story about truth, ambition, family and betrayals. I would greatly recommend this heart-warming novel. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Grace Ann Marciano, Over Coffee Conversations

The story of these two character's lives felt so real. I forgot I was reading fiction at times and would have to remind myself it wasn't a memoir! Sam Rennick's writing was beautiful.

-- BreeAnn Kaczmarczyk, She Just Loves Books

I highly recommend this one for readers who like to read a novel that invokes numerous emotions out of them, a sense of loyalty and friendship and one that can warm their heart and soul. - Amy Campbell, Locks, Hooks and Books

“From the beginning, reading Stefan’s Promise” was no small undertaking. It’s heavy, literally and figuratively, and requires attentiveness. I mention this not to intimidate you but to encourage you to pick up this book and challenge yourself to read something authentic and moving … Stefan's Promise is a story about so many important and relevant topics, giving the reader so much to ponder. I am glad I read a story that encouraged genuine thought from me about things that matter, rather than a simple evaluation of whether I was entertained or not. This Vietnam era story is not for everyone, but if it appeals to your taste, then do try it because it’s worth the time and effort. JypsyLynn

“I give the author credit. He states from the start that a good book keeps you interested and wanting to read and this book did exactly that.” Leila Brenner, leels loves books

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